Fortnite for iOS is officially on the App Store


Fortnite has got people addicted the world over. Till now, people would play the game either on a desktop with high-end gaming facilities (preferably) or an Xbox, but now the future of gaming has been changed a tad with iOS offering the game which has made 45 million players hooked. Not only playing the game, but watching it as well has become an addiction. Drake playing Fortnite on the live streaming service Twitch got about 628,000 concurrent users watching him which was a Twitch record in itself.

The app is currently only available on an invite-only basis. The game according to reviews does run incredibly well. Fortnite’s biggest competitor PUBG is also coming to iOS and android very soon, following in their footsteps which is going to prove as competition. Fortnite is definitely is going to be at the top of the charts for a while, though. It hasn’t even been a fortnight and it’s already in all the headlines. Props to fortnite though because the optimization is great and it runs flawlessly on mobile devices with practically no drops. It is a pretty amazing addition considering the game is at the height of its popularity on other screens and now we get to never sleep by playing it on our phones too.

The total download amount is about 2 GB, which is fair for a game like fortnite that covers so many graphics and details. You can literally play against other players at the same time, from your phone. Older models of phones may not be able to run the game as well though. On-screen buttons does take some getting used to and the jumpstick is an option as well. But those problems could be fixed with a bigger screen i.e an iPad. The game is actually amazingly similar to the PC version and is definitely worth a download.

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Fathima Banu

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