FotoSwipe : To share photos more faster


FotoSwipe is an iOS app which is used to share up to 10 photos across many iOS and Android devices, actually this application is similar to Shareit app on Android platform. By using shareit app we can share any files like Photo,video, documents, even apps many more across device. But here though this app at a time we can share 10 photos to many devices which runs on both iOS and Android.


There are many features in this app as users can share as many times they can and this app has Photo Swiping technology. Users can share or receive any format of images with different pixels. This app has many advantages like not need to use any emails or MMS to share you photos. As mentioned above by using this app share/receive can be done faster. For selected people you can share images.

Let us discuss step by step procedure to use this app FotoSwipe :

  • Initially you need to download this app from App Store.
  • Once installation is done on your device, open the app and select the photos you wants to swipe to other device. Even this app works between iOS and Android platforms.
  • Users can select up to ten photos, while selecting the photos hold it for one second and swipe to other device which has Fotoswipe app installed before.

Interested users can download FotoSwipe from Appstore for free of cost.

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