How to free up space on iOS device using Dropbox’s Carousel


If your iOS device storage is full and you want to free the storage space on iPhone or iPad, it is very simple if you are a Dropbox user. Yes this can be done using the Dropbox’s photo management app carousel. This app has recently received an update along with the clean feature to free up the iOS device’s storage. This feature automatically deletes all the photos that are locally stored on your iOS device, which are already uploaded to the Dropbox’s cloud. Let us see here how to use it.


How to free up space on iOS device

  • First you need to download Dropbox app for your iOS device from the iTunes store.
  • After installing, launch dropbox. If you are already a Dropbox user, then sign into the app, otherwise create a new dropbox account.
  • For the first time the app will display the tutorial for how to use it and on the last step, toggle for backing up the photos and videos.
  • Allow the app to upload the photos and videos from your device and after it gets completed, navigate to more > settings > free up iPhone space.
  • Now it will show, how much space you can free by deleting the photos which you have already backed up. Tap on the Free up space option and this will delete the photos.
  • This doesn’t delete the files completely, but moves them to the recently deleted album. If you want to delete them permanently from your device, then do it from recently deleted album from Photos app.
  • Tap on select at the top right and delete all at the bottom left.

Now you can see more free space on your iPhone or iPad. This feature only works on the devices running on iOS 8 or higher versions and it doesn’t delete the edited or burst photos or slow motion videos.

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