Frill Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $39.00


Frill Review: Frill is a tool that allows you to gather customer feedback, integrate customer ideas into your roadmap, and make feature announcements. On top of collecting the feedback itself, it can be messy, chaotic, and challenging to work out what to take action on first. If only there was an easy way to collect customer feedback, show off upcoming features in a beautiful roadmap, and then announce them to your customers.

With feature voting, you can empower customers to suggest features and vote on the ones that matter to them most. Use feature voting to discover what your customers want, and what they’re willing to pay for, so you know what to build.

Buy Frill Lifetime Deal for $39.00

Frill Review

with Frill’s inline admin, you don’t need to use a separate admin system—you manage your board in the same place customers use Frill. So you can make it as easy as possible for your team to get feedback without them having to switch between software or learn other tools.

But before you shell out the big bucks for that sky banner, use Frill’s beautiful roadmap to get customers excited for what’s coming next. With a minimalist design, the roadmap makes it easy to integrate your customers’ best ideas and show how these ideas fit into the bigger picture.

Get Appsumo Frill in the Deal for $39.00

Keep customers informed with feature updates and announcements without them ever needing to leave the product. Product announcements will appear in the announcements feed where customers can browse updates chronologically. Frill makes it simple to get customer feedback quickly, letting customers vote on the updates they want most and see what’s coming up in the roadmap.

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