Future Apple Watch to Adopt Solid State Buttons With Haptic Feedback


As per some reports, The coming version of the Apple Watch is going to have solid state keys that don’t actually click but rather use a Taptic Engine to give haptic feedback to users.

Apple remains to use a button contour with a Digital Crown and a Side button, but none of them will be a physical button.

Fast Company is expressing similar solid state button design that Apple has introduced with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus Home button. These devices use solid-state buttons that give haptic feedback from the built-in Taptic Engine to copy a button press. Apple practices an alike system for its MacBook and MacBook Pro trackpads, which also doesn’t have physical buttons.

These buttons develop water resistance in the Apple Watch. They also use less space, leaving more space for a larger battery or other parts. Company also claims that Apple is operating on working on buttons as sensors to collect health-related data like heartbeats. It is a type of areas requires more than one point of connection with a user’s skin.

In the prospects, Apple is also working towards a watch with no buttons at all, the tops of the device intended to respond to touch.

Earlier 2018 Apple Watch rumours made no remark of solid state buttons. It’s said that the fourth-generation Apple Watch models can have a display that’s larger, possibly in a decrease in bezel size.

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