How to Get Started as a Fitness Influencer Using ConnectPal, Instagram, and More


You’ve got a passion for fitness, great camera skills, and an interesting story to share. Now what? Some of the most famous fitness influencers online today make thousands of dollars per post. If you want to make a living by sharing your fitness journey or lifestyle, here’s how to do it.

Find Your Angle

While obviously finding the most flattering camera angles is important for every influencer, that’s not the angle that’s most essential. Figure out what makes you unique, what sets you apart from the hoards of other people trying to break into the same industry you are. Maybe you’ve always been overweight and are vowing to get fit once and for all. Maybe you struggle with an eating disorder or a medical condition. Maybe you’re a demure office worker by day and a body builder by night.

Fans latch on to interesting stories they can connect with, not just boring photos of someone in the gym. Craft a brief yet engaging story to accompany every photo you post on social media to help people get to know you.

Post Consistently

You could be the most beloved influencer in the world, but if you never post, people will quickly lose interest. For this reason, post new content consistently, even if you only have a few followers. The average is about one post per day to keep fans interested without overwhelming them. However, you could start with a few posts per week until you get the hang of it.

Keep yourself on track by making some posts ahead of time and then scheduling them on a social media tool. This way you’ll send out consistent posts but only have to work on them when you have the time.

Use a Variety of Platforms

Trying to build your fitness empire on just one platform is pretty hard. Boost your fanbase by posting on multiple platforms. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are great places for sharing your story through text and photo combination posts. If you want to share workout tutorials, gym wear “get ready with me” videos, or shots of you training someone, get yourself a YouTube channel.

These traditional social media channels take a good number of fans to monetize your content. If you use ConnectPal, a subscription-based social media platform, though, you can start making money right away. Here fans pay a monthly fee to follow the pages of their favorite influencers and celebrities. Give back to your followers by offering sneak peeks of videos or exclusive posts you don’t add to your other profiles.

Tag Your Favorite Brands

Unless an influencer is mega-famous, they probably made the first move for sponsored content. If you want to work with a certain brand, tag them in your posts (where relevant) and reach out to them via email or DM. And don’t just stick to the big-name brands! Small and local businesses are looking for exposure just like you, so they are the perfect match for sponsoring a new influencer.

If you want to share your passion for fitness with the world, there’s no time like the present to get started. Open up some new social media profiles and start building your personal brand!

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