How to Gift iOS Apps, Games, Movies, Music, Books, TV Shows to family/friends


One of the best gifts that someone with an iPhone receive is a paid app, hot new movie, bestselling album, gift card or anything else in iTunes, iBooks or the app store that costs money. Gifting apps and media is now easier than ever, even if you don’t have an iOS device yourself.

If you have never gifted an app, game, movie, book, audio book, song, album, gift card or the like before. It’s not very obvious how would you go about doing so from an iPhone or iPad. It’s been pretty much the same process ever since iOS 6, but it’s still not super clear by any means. For those who want to send an iOS related gifts to your friends and families but Don’t have an iOS device yourself, you can still do so from any computer.

Gift, Apps, Games and Media from your iPhone or iPad.

The process of gifting paid apps and games in the iOS app store: Music, movies, TV shows, Books and audiobooks in iBooks is relatively the same. Simply search for the app, Games and media you want to give someone, then select it to view it’s details page.

Next, if you are in the App store, just tap the ellipsis icon next to the price tag. This will bring up the menu that lets you gift the title. In the App store, just tap “Gift App” from the bottom row of actions.

After tapping the “Gift” you will be taken to the Send Gift Screen. You will be asked the email address of the person you are sending the app or the media. You can also select a future date so, you can send it to the other person on their special days like Birthday. To do that, just tap “Today” to change the date.

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