GoBrunch Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79.00


GoBrunch Review: GoBrunch is a versatile webinar platform with a unique interface that provides more engagement and higher value for virtual attendees. If you wanna keep your attendees engaged instead of alt-tabbing away, you’ll need more options for connecting with them during online sessions.

The platform’s unique interface allows you to make virtual events more fun with interactivity and a user experience that mimics in-person events. You’ll be able to host unlimited webinars inside of GoBrunch—no installation required for you or your attendees.

Click Hear to Buy GoBrunch Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79.00

GoBrunch Appsumo

Guests will be able to interact with the ability to raise their hand, vote, and raise signs. Plus, at the end of the session, GoBrunch lets you download a detailed frequency report that displays how long each attendee participated in the live session.

The facilitator can manage every mic and camera for every attendee to ensure that all the attention is on the person presenting. You’ll also be able to control the screen and moderate the session chat, making sure that everything runs smoothly during your session.

GoBrunch makes it possible to create either public or private sessions for webinars, courses, meetings, and events. Much like an in-person event, you can have multiple breakout rooms and sessions taking place simultaneously with different facilitators assigned to each session.

Without interactive elements, webinars become another excuse for people to check out mentally and scroll through their inboxes. GoBrunch brings the in-person experience back to virtual sessions with features that allow attendees to interact with facilitators and other participants.

Click Hear to Buy GoBrunch Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $79.00

GoBrunch Features Plans 

    • Record and download your sessions and chat history

    • Up to 8 organizers

    • Add your logo

    • Full moderation controls for mics and cams

    • Screenshare with sound, play YouTube videos, and upload slides

    • Exclusive virtual space layouts

    • Registration API

    • Generate shareable video recording links

    • Custom URL for each event

    • Customize your seminar room backgrounds

    • Landing page and downloadable registrations report

    • 180-day storage duration after the recording is available, plus presentations and documents after uploading

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