GoodFlow Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $49.00


GoodFlow Review: With emails to answer, teams to manage, clients to please, and all those little fires in between, running a business keeps you pretty busy.  Add juggling a bunch of tools to the mix, and it’s only a matter of time before you drop the ball.

It’s time to work smarter with a workflow management tool that lets you manage your business processes and people all from one place. Managing your team and your business functions has never been easier with GoodFlow’s clean and simple user interface.

Design and automate workflows using recurring checklists, conditional triggers, data capture forms, and process documentation. With the no-code workflow builder, you can plan the entire lifecycle of a work, configure tasks, SLAs, and add conditions across stages to ensure compliance.

Buy GoodFellow Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Create dynamic email content based on the workflow and automate approval, notification emails as per your business logics. These emails will trigger at your predefined time, helping you save hours of your team’s time while giving the people what they want.

You can turn strangers into customers with help from GoodFlow’s customizable data collection forms. Capture leads and user data—like requests, incidents, bugs, etc.—and make that information visible to everyone on your team.

  • Automate business processes and manage leads, clients, employees, and more—all from one place
  • Alternative to: Pipefy, Kissflow, and ProcessMaker
  • Track performance metrics and customize reports using advanced fields and filters

You’ll be able to integrate the form with your website or any other data-capture tool and manage its lifecycle on one dashboard. GoodFlow lets anyone build a workflow in minutes with a simple drag-and-drop functionality and then move that workflow from stage to stage.

You can define how captured data will be processed by your team across stages, subtasks, SLAs, who can mark the task as complete, who can engage with specific processes, and more!

You can make a workflow using one of GoodFlow’s templates, or create your own from scratch and customize it with rich text fields, attachments, links, and embedded content. Once your workflow is designed and ready, team members will be able to readily engage with it.

Managers can assign team members to a task, assign deadlines, and get graphical insights in one unified dashboard. GoodFlow lets you save time and resources by automating everyday tasks like approvals, completions, and data entry.

Customize your report style and output with on-the-fly data filters and conditions. From there, you’ll be able to analyze your process’s activity and performance—identify bottlenecks, resolve them quickly, and improve productivity.

Get Appsumo GoodFellow in the Deal for $49.00

Features Included in All Plans 

    • Custom API

    • Webhooks

    • Auto Perform creation on API integration

    • Advanced search on Perform data

    • Email and chat-based customer support

    • Logic-based auto stage transition

    • Webhook & condition-based email trigger

    • Drag-and-drop workflow & form designer

    • Preserved activity log

    • Real-time collaboration and commenting

In theory, the more tools to help your business run smoothly, the better. In reality, juggling multiple apps, websites, and platforms is slowing you down and killing your team’s productivity. GoodFlow keeps your team connected to manage workflows, boost productivity, and drive results without wasting time or resources.

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