Google announces Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS


Remote-access solutions has been growing and in this regard Google has went a step ahead and announced the Chrome remote desktop for ios which allows the users to control their Mac or PC using their iPhone or iPad.


Google has released Chrome Remote desktop initially for Android platform few months ago, Google straps the Chrome’s built-in assets to create the secured ad-hoc connection for the remote support or the long term access for secure app and file access. This application works in combination with the extension for Google Chrome. Download extension from the Chrome Web Store.

You might think it is complicated to connect, but it is very simple and straightforward as the users can easily setup the remote access in the Google Chrome for mac and you need to enter the generated code to link up with your iOS device. Once this setup is completed you can use your iOS device to connect any online PC in the user’s ecosystem.

The major benefit in using the Chrome’s browser along with the iOS app is the multi-platform support. This app supports the remote assistance on the machines running on Windows and Linux platforms. In addition to the iOS app, Chromebook users are able to access the at-home computers remotely.

This app can be downloaded for free from the iOS app store and it has the ability to access both the PC and Macs remotely.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

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