Google Assistant boast compatibility in comparison to Apple’s Siri


LG apparently asked its user if they would like to see the notch which was first seen on iPhone X on their latest flagship device

Google posted an article on its Keyword blog highlighting the continued growth of its AI assistant, Google Assistant. The company boasted how exponentially it has grown from connecting 1500 smart home appliances in January to 5000 by April end. According to the company, the assistant is now working with “all major appliance brands” in the United States.

Users have seen using the Google’s Assistant exclusively for the media and entertainment queries which grew by 400%, with Google users taking “OK Google” orders on Android TV, smart TVs, and Chromecast. Security cameras such as Nest products, including the Nest Hello doorbell, seems to be of prominent interest for Google. Google Assistant works exceptionally well with Nest products.

“If you have a Nest Hello doorbell, the Assistant will alert you if someone rings the doorbell, sending a chime to your smart speaker or phone with the option to view the live stream right from your phone, TV or our new line of Smart Display devices available later this year. This Nest product was the first to ship with this feature, and we’ll enable Assistant notifications on more home security devices from other popular brands later this year.”

Apple’s platform for the connected home has been great so far both in terms of feature set and privacy, but Siri’s rather limited scope and poor third-party support have been holding HomeKit back from widespread adoption. HomeKit users are currently waiting for device support such as the Ring Rings line, while integration with Nest products is less likely after Nest and Google have doubled their hardware collaborations.

Most pundits around the world account for this lag behind as compared to another assistant with Apple’s approach to privacy, but its approach to extending Siri’s functionality in third-party apps. However, on the other hand, companies like Google and Amazon do not impose such restrictions so vendors can add voice support to apps and devices without too much fuss.

Apple quotes that its privacy for a user is more important than anything. But this restriction game has been on since forever. Before iOS 11, the iPhone maker required that device vendors use pricey authentication and encryption chips to protect user privacy. Encryption is still a requirement, but Apple now permits device makers to implement encryption in software. Even though Apple has increased the support for HomeKit by issuing a simple Firmware update, the ship seems to have sailed. Smart Home builders in the US are picking up Alexa accessories over HomeKit due to Amazon’s unfiltered support to Alexa.

With this said, Google is full throttle with respect to their Assistant. Google is expected to reveal more news about the wizard and other products and services during it’s I / O conference later this month.

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