Google Maps supports Apple carplay; becomes first third party navigation app


Google on Tuesday updated the iOS version of Google maps with CarPlay support, taking advantage of iOS 12s ability to employ navigation option beyond Apple Maps.

Although Google Maps lacks integration with siri, the app offers its own search tool. The app also automatically carriers over home, work and bookmarked addresses associated with a Google account, and users can choose to push an address to an iPhone via the web.

Google’s CarPlay interface is in many respects similar to Apple’s including some identical pop-ups. It of course relies on Google’s mapping data and has custom settings, which can be used to toggle things like a satellite view or avoiding toll roads.

Drivers can moreover access their personal place lists and navigate offline if they have already cached data in a particular area.

Support for third party navigation has been one of the most common demands from CarPlay users. Google’s¬† Maps is the seventh¬† most popular free app at the App Store, despite Apple’s option being built into iOS.

Google is meanwhile working On adding CarPlay to its other navigation app.

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