Google News vs Apple News : Best choice for Apple users?


Google has recently launched a new Google News app with a completely updated interface. And a variety of new features that put on its standard with Apple’s own News app including a For You character section. Also, Full Coverage titles that give an account from multiple angles.

The Google News app is a reinterpret and repairs to the actual Google Newsstand Play app which was earlier accessible via the iOS App Store. It’s been completely improved though, with an easy, clear interface. This interface is somewhat similar to the look of Apple News with a navigation bar at the bottom.

Google News does have an extra section for fast choosing news categories like U.S., World, Business, and Technology. 

Apple News has a “Spotlight” section that highlights curated news which is selected by Apple News Editors. And it highlights interesting news that are really impressive.

Google News doesn’t hold this feature, but it has it’s his own unique feature called “Headlines” section that forms the top news stories at the contemporary time. In this section, main stories have a “Full Coverage” option that allows you to see the same story from various news sites so all of the points are covered.

While Apple makes For You into top stories, trending stories, top videos, and then recommendations based on channels and topics.

Google also has a “Newsstand” tab that allows subscribing to paid and free news and a series of magazines using payment data stored in Google Play account. Apple doesn’t have a similar opinion right now, but such feature is in the works following its addition of magazine subscription service Texture.

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