Google Shows Off Android P With New iPhone X-Style Gestures


Apple is taking an event in California today in Mountain view. Google is showing off a feature with a new version of Android which will be launched this fall. Simplicity, Intelligence, and Digital Wellbeing are the three feature on which Google is focusing on. It is similar to the interface that Apple introduced for the iPhone X. This version is making the phone more approachable and easier to understand and do multitasking. Google has been working on it for more than a year told by  Android Engineering VP Dave Burke.

With the iPhone X, there’s a little oval navigation key at the bottom of the screen that allows various gestures like swiping up. It accesses a card-like interface that displays a search bar and freshly used apps. A single upwards swipe moves directly into the app overview. It carries a list of recently used apps as well as a search bar and five foretold apps at the bottom of the display. One can just swipe into the apps to go forwards and back through them.

Another swipe up on the button icon starts up an All Apps screen. Where all of the apps installed on the device are found for quick access. Burke said, “Architecturally, what we’ve done is combine the all apps and overview spaces into one,”.

All of these gestures seem and look a lot like the swipe-based gestures that are done in the iPhone X. It allows doing things like accessing the Home screen and switch among apps.

Google is further adding a Do Not Disturb features to silence calls, notifications, text messages, and other alerts. It can be approved automatically by a new “Shush” feature that will begin whenever an Android smartphone is set to face down.

Android P is possibly in a beta capacity beginning today on the Google Pixel some another flagship devices from multiple companies.

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