Google is working on iOS YouTube app to improve battery life


If you are experiencing a lot of thermal issues and battery drain on your new iPhone or iPad running on the iOS 11 or the latest operating system, then blame Google, as the most used app across the platform is causing a lot of battery drain issues across the wide range of iOS-powered smartphones.

If you want to get better battery life on these latest iOS devices, then uninstall the YouTube app and use web-based YouTube app via a web browser. As per this issue is concerned, YouTube has officially stated that the company is working on a new software update to solve the issue and the update should be out in few days.

The issue is associated with iOS and YouTube app. The same YouTube app on the iOS 10 offers almost the double the playback time compared to the one on the iOS 11. So, Google has to optimise the application with respect to iOS 11 norms to increase the overall user experience.

Here is the official reply from YouTube regarding the issue raised by an iOS user:

A few hours before, YouTube has officially pushed a software update, which should improve the battery life and should offer better thermal performance compared to the last stable YouTube version. So, we have to actually use this new version to witness any visible battery usage differences.

Recently, iOS 11 has seen a lot of criticism as the software is not readily optimised for the iPhones and iPads. From the frame rate drop to app crashes has been common on the iPhones and iPads running on the iOS devices. So, do update the YouTube app to the latest available version to expect a better battery life on the iOS 11 powered devices.

Have you been facing any of these problems with your latest iOS-powered iPhones and iPads? Share your experiences in the comment box.

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