Grist Review: Appsumo Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Grist Review: Grist is a powerful, customizable data tool that combines the versatility of spreadsheets with the robustness of databases. With all the information you have to manage and make sense of, traditional spreadsheet software just isn’t cutting it.

Grist is a cloud-based spreadsheet and data management software. It offers a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard which displays all spreadsheets and data. The software can transform tables into easy to read data cards, colorful charts and even allow users to create custom widgets.

It is also very data focused and provides users the tools to create dynamic charts and reports as well as sharing data with the use of collaboration tools. The administrator can also assign certain people to specific data. Different types of data can be analyzed, whether it was written in Python or Excel-like functions. The platform also allows for tables and data to be exported and can also integrate with Zapier and its own API.

Buy Grist Lifetime Deal for $49.00


Grist takes data management to the next level by letting you build relational spreadsheets with zero code. Just import your data, link records across tables—and voilá! You’ve got yourself a customizable document that’s easier to move through than a cereal box maze.

While Grist is a powerful data processing platform, the intuitive UI makes it simple to navigate. Customize the layout of each page with drag-and-drop widgets on an app-like dashboard. Feeling overwhelmed by all the details you have to manage? Not to worry! Grist helps you see the big picture.

Grist provides granular access controls for each file, so you decide who can view and edit your data. Specify access settings all the way down to the column or row level. Set your special permissions then go ahead and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Want to share your data externally? Just enable link sharing, then copy and send the link to select third parties. With Grist, you’ll also get open-source software, automatic backups, and no data lock-in to satisfy your inner control freak.

Grist is coding-optional, but coders can have fun, too: Use Python and review all logic of your document in one place with Code-View. Or, just use Excel-like spreadsheet functions. Grist also blends in with your ecosystem by letting you integrate with Zapier or use APIs to sync to external sources for custom integrations.

Grist takes your data management to the next level with a customizable spreadsheet-database platform that makes your life way easier.

Get Appsumo Grist in the Deal for $49.00

Grist Features Plans 

    • Unlimited documents

    • Collaborate with team + 2 extra per document

    • Customize layouts

    • Dynamic views and charts

    • Granular access controls

    • Formulas with python support

    • Import/export data

    • Automatic backups

    • Workspaces

    • Custom Grist subdomain

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