Halide 1.7 iOS App features portrait, Depth Modes, RAW image Capture


It is one of the smartest apps for iOS device, it offers manual focus with focus peaking RAW+JPEG image Capture, quick swipe EV adjustment and is an early adaptor of the new, compact HEIC image file format.

Key Features:

Portrait Mode: Uses depth Peaking and depth mapping to shoot portraits with blurred background.

Quick EV: Adjust exposure with a swipe of the screen.

Focus peaking: Halide highlights the areas of sharpest contrast in real time.

RAW+JPEG: simultaneously capture RAW and JPEG for greater image editing leeway.

Grid and Level: A grid overlay doubles as a level so you don’t tilt your horizons unless you want to.

Histogram: Live histogram helps you get the right exposure.

One hand operation: It is the only camera app for iPhone that can be easily operated with one hand.

The latest version 1.7 adds several new features that have launched the app into the stratosphere of iOS photo apps. It includes:

1) Built in portrait mode: Blurs the background in Real time.

2) Depth Visualizations: Lets you visualise portrait mode portraits before committing to the change.

3) AR Review: Augumented reality let’s you create 3D video and still images for AR users.

Halide uses both tap and gesture based controls to quickly and easily change exposures and manual focus. The app defaults to an intelligent automatic mode, just like the stock iOS camera app. You can tweak valuesĀ  like ISO, white balance and shutter speed.

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