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Headspace for iOS Review: Your guide to perfect Meditation

Life is full of difficulties and challenges. This hectic lifestyle has created problems like insomnia and stress. People are so busy that they don’t get proper time to relax. Everyone possesses a mobile phone these days so an app has taken the job to help people overcome stress and anxiety. Headspace is a digital service founded in 2010 which provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training.

About the app

The app offers ten days trial, after these ten days the users have the option to take out a monthly or annual subscription or continue with the free trial material. It offers a series of programmes which includes calming sessions where the user takes deep breaths and an insight meditation. Headspace integrates with your health app and records the data and gives you reminders for the sessions as well.

The app has different levels of meditation and the users are required to complete a level before moving on to the next. The meditation sessions are around ten minutes in length and are usually in a video format.The app has six series for users to complete viz, Foundation, Sport, Health, Relationships, Performance, and Headspace Pro. The app also has mini sessions which last for about five minutes. It receives new mini and single session every month.

The design

The app has a slick interface. You get all your pack contents on the home screen along with the recent singles and it also shows the number of people meditating at the given time. The subscription option is available as well. The discover window gives an in-depth detail about the different packs, singles, etc. The last window shows your personal stats and achievements.


The app offers a free 10 days trial. After the trial is over you need to subscribe it at $12.99 a month on monthly basis. You need to pay $94.99 for an annual subscription and for a whopping $399 you can enjoy Headspace for a lifetime. You can get it from here.