Heroes of Might and Magic III game coming soon on iPad


Heroes of Might and Magic III is a game, initially it was Microsoft windows desktop game released by 3DO company and it was developed by Jon Van Caneghem and this New HD game is coming soon in iPad early 2015. Yesterday this news was confirmed by the french makers Ubisoft.

The reason behind to get more popularity is because the game is a fantasy type and an army units of this game is controlled by group of heroes and the original game has 7 scenarios and 50 irregular episodes of maps where maps can be edit by map editor. The mode of the game is local multiplayer. The story of the game is queen Catherine Ironfist on search to unite devastated homeland and re-conquer the kingdom Erathia.

The makers released the teaser too, interested candidates can View the teaser below to gain some more information and to know how the game play will be

After watching this teaser we can think that the french makers Ubisoft may updated the Heroes of Might and Magic III HD game to the current play with special graphics, Touch controls and many more. The makers are planning to give a new experience while play the in HD as I mention above with all new features. Soon this game will be seen in all versions of tablets running on all platforms like Android, iOS and windows.

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