How to hide App Store purchases on iOS 8


In a recent post about Family Sharing on iOS 8, I wrote on how you can save money and time by sharing the apps and purchases with your family members. However, I also stated that if there are certain apps and purchases which you do not want others to use, then you can hide them from other family members.

Hide app in Family sharing iOS 8

In this post, I am going to write a detailed procedure on how to hide purchases on iOS 8 to so that your family members cannot see them. Well, you can only hide the apps which have been purchased by you, not the apps which someone else in your network has purchased. The apps and purchases can be hidden directly using your phone, however, if you want to unhide the app, you will need to log into iTunes.

Hide apps from family iOS 8

To hide an app, navigate to the App Store. At bottom right, you will see a button called updates. Tap onto it and after that, you will see a large purchased button.

Tap on that button and it will take you to a screen having a history of all the apps purchased by you and your family. Just tap onto the app name and swipe it a little towards left. You will see a red color hide button.

Just tap onto that button and the app will be hidden from the devices of all your family members. If you ever want to unhide the same, go to iTunes and in the purchased section, you will see the list of all the apps on your device along with the ones you have purchased.

Hidden purchases on iTunes iOS 8

Just tap on the gray unhide button and the app will again be available in the list of purchased items.

I hope this was useful. Stay tuned for more iOS and Apple related stories.

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