How to hide specific user account from login screen of OS X


Generally users of Mac or Windows PC will have multiple user accounts on single machine, suppose you want to hide the specific user account from screen of OS X. If you hide the account this way, the account login still exists if it’s known and it can still be accessed from remote login and screen share and doesn’t appear at the boot screens as login option. Let us discuss how to hide specific users account from login screen on OS X.

If users not interested to show all the users accounts on the screen of Mac, then you can hide all user names from the login with an OS X preference setting, that display you a simple login and the hint what user accounts are on the Mac. To hide the specified user, it requires you to know the users account short name, and having some comfort with using the command line. To get start or open the terminal in OS X you must have the account short name handy.The short name is almost always the same as the user’s home directory, the latter is what we’re actually using to hide and unhide the accounts.

How to hide user account from login screen of OS X

This following method will work only on Yosemite OS X version 10.10 and later

  • Below syntax is used to hide an account by replaying the Account name with the home directory syntax to hide account
  • After restarting you will notice the target account is no longer visible in the avatar list. The account will also become invisible to Fast User Switching menu and the general login and logout menu of OS X.

How to unhide user account from login screen on OS X

Now you have to go back the default setting of the displaying the specified user on the login screen of the your Mac Yosemite OS X

  • Simply replace the previous syntax 1 with 0 and run the same command, again targeted at the user account short name / directory name
  • The command appears as shown belowHow to unhide the users account on OS X

Rebooting the Mac will reveal the specified account again at the login screen of OS X as same as before.

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