HockeyStack Review: Lifetime Appsumo Deal For $79.00


HockeyStack Review: HockeyStack software is a no-code analytics tool used to track visitors with custom actions to measure the business workflows. The software offers a dashboard to understand visitors’ behavior. Segment them by location, device with a few clicks and no coding required. Integrate it with a single line of code to maximize your growth. Marketers, Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

Tired of watching hundreds of website session replays to try and guess why five people converted and the other 9,995 didn’t? While heatmaps that show clicks and scrolls can be helpful, they don’t tell the whole story and still leave you wondering about conversions.

Buy HockeyStack Lifetime Deal for $79.00


HockeyStack is a fast and easy-to-understand web analytics tool that allows you to track all actions and get actionable insights with 30-second integration. Every site visitor browses your site differently, and HockeyStack automatically captures exactly how they do it.

After integrating HockeyStack’s cookie-less tracking script, you can collect and analyze each scroll, click, video view, and search—no event tagging or additional actions necessary!

With HockeyStack, you can filter visitors by conversion goals, page views, session properties, or user properties to find the ones you’re looking for. You don’t need to tag anything or set up track functions to track conversions and other goals either. Create specific goals with “and/or” logic in just seconds—no code involved.

HockeyStack allows you to get actionable insights from thousands of sessions without having to watch thousands of session replays. The tool makes it easy to discover what you need to work on next, so you can make improvements, fix your issues, and win big when it comes to conversions.

Get Appsumo HockeyStack in the Deal for $79.00

That’s why HockeyStack lets you create a visual funnel in just a few clicks to see where your visitors drop off and optimize those pages to boost your conversion rates. You can also duplicate the funnels and change the first pageview to analyze your marketing campaigns via UTM tags.

With HockeyStack, you can watch the visitor’s journey through your site and get insights on how to improve conversions without wasting time on guesswork.

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