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The HomeKit is a pretty recent addition to the Apple family. Even though it is incredibly useful if used correctly, it is a big ‘if’ considering some people just can not wrap their heads around it. Basically the HomeKit is exactly what the name markets itself as, it connects your iPhone with your home. Siri is the key component to the whole process because you have to use Siri to instruct various parts of the house. HomeKit was first introduced in 2014 and has improved a great deal since then. Even with the odd bug here and there, the HomeKit is a pretty well thought out system.

The accessories for the HomeKit started actually rolling out in a big way by 2015. A lot of the devices are operated via Bluetooth and need to be at a certain distance to update the functioning. The HomeKit do quite a bit starting from locking your front door to switching off your lights.

Connecting your HomeKit with apps and Siri is a bit confusing. HomeKit has 3 basic sections-Home, Automation and Room.

The Home tab allows you to add various accessories and is under the location tab.

It also shows you what accessories are currently being used and which ones are idle. You can rename your Home, switch of various accessories, change who has access to your home setup, share notes to everyone added, change wallpaper and delete Home completely.

Apple also allows you to add additional homes such as your holiday home, and you can switch between them in settings, which is also why Apple uses the location tab to make your Home easy to access. It also allows Siri to understand which Home to follow up the instruction with.

VariousĀ  favorites include the most used controls that come up on the home tab.These favourites may be anything fromĀ  a light in the kitchen to a thermostat in the guest bedroom and they need to be agreed upon my everyone in control of the Home tab because they are general to one house. Individual rooms where you can control the temperature, the lights and everything else in the room are otherwise separate and sorted out pretty well.

Automation is using the HomeKit App without Siri and more manually rather than asking Siri to do the work for you. The scenes you can set can be for any room and basically set the mood in that room. If you do not wish to see only your favorites, the room tab has all of them under one roof, even the ones you do not use a lot and are not a fan of.

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