How Michel Coulomb plans to revive Apple’s fortunes in India?


Michel Coulomb, recently appointed as chief of Apple India, after sacking Sanjay Kaul for posting a slow growth rate in the financial year ending on March 2018. Michel Coulomb previously held the office of managing director for South Asia operations at Apple.

Based on a survey done by Counterpoint research, iPhone sales declined 9% in volume terms and 7% by revenue terms during October-December quarter corresponding to the quarter last year in India. Sales of iPhone may further dampen due to the new 5% rise in customs tax applied by the Government of India, as Apple assembles only 2 of its older iPhone versions in India, so rest of the iPhone versions will attract higher duty.

Apple products sales in India are affected by other factors, Siri can process the requests in only English language, It does not support local Indian languages. iPhones face too much competition from other company phones immune to export duty, like Xiaomi Redmi 5A having a lower rate and better technical features than iPhone SE, So the Indian consumers economically will prefer the better option.  

So, Michel Coulomb will now start an aggressive strategy to rejuvenate the iPhone sales. Coulomb recently sacked 3 sales executives in June 2018. He also unveiled a strategy to fix iPhones sales in Apple India headquarters in Gurugram, where he aims to first sign third-party retail deals, in order to prevent distributors to indulge in wholesaling, leading to rampant deep discounting leading to price fluctuations.

Apple has also planned to roll out a revamped Apple Maps app by 2020, first fixing the flaws currently affecting its utility in India, also include turn-by-turn directions.

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