How to add junk drawer on your Mac with Unclutter


Everyone use to storage their personal data or some important files and many more on your Personal, if you are using Mac device as a personal computer and you want to despite the important folders, files then you have to hire one an assistant to keep it clean, save in an organized manner which may cost more or simply you can use an app Unclutter which acts as a virtual junk drawer of your Mac device which holds files, folders clipboard contents and notes.

This application is currently available on App Store with a price tag of $1.99 and the app is running on version 2.0 which is completely new, light design and matches the OS perfectly.

Once you downloaded and installed this application on your device, it places a small icon in the menu bar. You can call up the Unclutter panel from the menu bar icon or by moving your cursor to the top of the screen and then swiping down with two fingers (MacBook trackpad) or scrolling down (mouse). You can change how to access Unclutter in the app’s Preferences.

The panel of unclutter has three sections namely Clipboard history, Files and notes and user can rearrange and resize the sections and hide any thing as per you’re desire. User can also drag the sections out of the Unclutter panel and stick them on top of another window, making it convenient for, say, data entry that requires lots of copying and pasting.


The clipboard section will have the list of text you have recently copied and the Note section you will get quick notes and remainders. Both of the aforementioned sections could be useful, but the Files section is likely the one you’ll use most. You can drag files to the Files section. When you drag a file to the top of your Mac’s display, the Unclutter panel appears, ready to catch that which you are about to drop. By default, files dropped on the Unclutter panel remain in their original location, but in Preferences you can set it up so that files are moved to a particular folder, including Dropbox but not iCloud Drive.

If you’re interested to use this application Unclutter, then you can download it from App store for $1.99. This app is similar to Dropshelf which is also an app.

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