How to check weather conditions on Apple Watch


Every people shows interest to know updated weather conditions often, if you have Apple Watch on your hand, then its very easy to know current and upcoming climatic conditions. In this article let us discuss the various methods to know the weather conditions on Apple Watch.

How to check weather on Apple Watch with Siri :

I can say this is the fastest way to know the current weather status on your Apple Watch is asking Siri , the built-in virtual personal assistant. You can ask for the weather in any city, for either the same day or the coming week. If you’re not aware of this follow the steps given below :

  • Bring your Apple Watch  towards your mouth and say Hey Siri, or press and hold the Digital Crown to activate Siri.
  • Now ask the information you want, like what is today’s climate? or Show me today’s weather status ? some thing like this.

How to check weather on Apple Watch with the glance :

The weather glance provides the all the details related to climatic conditions including day or night, temperature and high and low. To know the information through weather glance follow the steps given below :

  • Initially press Digital Crown to go to your face.
  • Swipe up to activate glances.
  • Swipe across until you get to the weather glances.
  • Now tap on the weather glance to launch the weather application.
  • To change the location of the weather shown in the Weather Glance, use the Apple Watch for iPhone app.

How to check weather on Apple Watch using weather application :

The application shows the current weather conditions along with percentage chance of rain and temperature and by defaults it will show the local city details.

  • Press digital crown to go home screen.
  • Tap on weather application to launch and swipe to see whether in any additional cities you have set up.
  • Swipe to see the weather in any additional cities you have set up.
  • Tap the screen to cycle between condition, rain percentage and temperature.
  • To change the locations and order of locations on your Apple Watch, change them in the weather app on iPhone.

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