How to create Mac OS X recovery disk


If any thing happens to your Mac OS X like crushes the files, unable to start then you will do time machine back up regularly. Unless you do that, you won’t get your machine back exactly as it was if trouble strikes, but it’s worse than that. Where as recovery disk, a secret partition which is part of the Recovery System, resides on your system drive, and while it contains useful tools to recover your data and move on.

In this article lets us discuss about how to Recovery Disk hiding on your system, and how to prepare for the worst scenarios by making a copy of it as boot-able recovery disk.

It’s not an installer. It’s a fixer, a toolkit. It props up your broken machine long enough so you can reinstall or restore your system. With the tools it contains, it can:

  • Restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup
  • Verify and repair connected drives using Disk Utility
  • Check your Internet connection or get help online using Safari
  • If all else fails, install or reinstall OS X

To start your computer with Recovery, restart and hold down “Command + R” before the start-up.

if you’re Mac devices are running on Yosemite or Maverick then these devices have a feature that when you have Internet access, you can boot your machine from a Recovery partition up in the cloud. But this doesn’t save you if your drive is unstable and you have no Internet access, which of course can happen.

One option is putting the recovery partition on an external drive by using the Recovery Disk Assistant. Initially it will asks you whether you want to download this are not. If you want to use an SD card, here’s a tip. Putting the card into the internal SD card slot in your Mac won’t work as the Recovery Assistant only polls the USB ports. Put your SD card into a USB adapter, and it will be see.

Now choose the volume you want to store the recovery Disk on

recovery-pickmediaThe Assistant will now create your external Recovery drive. once you have a recovery your Mac when trouble strikes.

recovery-inprogressTo recover your machine, simply boot or reboot holding down “Command + R” and your Mac will search, first the recovery partition, then the Internet and any external drives you have made with Recovery tools on them and then load the tools.

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