How to customize and add complications to Apple Watch face


There are three ways to customize Apple Watch Face by changing the level of detail the look and the number and type of complications. Changing the level of detail can include adding more hour and minute numbers and changing the look can includes switching red for blue or yellow in color options. Even you can switch to animated butterfly out for an animated jelly fish.

Complications are used in classic time pieces, offer for more options like alarm, moon phases, timer, calendar, weather, activity, stopwatch, stocks world clock. Every Apple Watch won’t support customization and different number of complications once you get hang for it then easily you can set up the perfect face to match your current mood and activity. Let us see how to customize the watch face on your Apple Watch

Steps to customize the watch face on Apple Watch :

  • Initially double click on the watch crown to go in the Apple Watch Face.
  • Now you have to touch screen with force any where but its better to touch on center.
  • Swipe left or right to cycle through the available watch faces.
  • Tap on customize if available to change the detail level, Complications and colors.
  • Turn the crown to increase and decrease detail level.
  • Swipe to right to left to switch to next screen.
  • Turn the digital crown to cycle through color if available and swipe crown from right to left to switch to next screen.
  • Now tap on the Complication to select it, if it is available.
  • Turn the digital crown to cycle through complications.
  • Tap to select more Complication and turn to cycle through more options as you desired.
  • Press the Digital Crown to finish your customizations.
  • Tap on the screen to select it as your new watch face.


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