How to disable Autocorrect feature on Mac


In all the devices autocorrect exits if they have text editor, this autocorrect works with standard dictionary being its base for finding the correct spellings. If you’re getting irritated while you writing notes in your regional words then you have to turn off this autocorrect feature. In this article lets us discuss how to disable/ turn off autocorrect feature in mac device.

Steps to disable/Turn off Autocorrect feature on Mac :

To do this task you don’t need third party application as the entire job can be done from the operating system itself.

  • First click on the Apple logo in the top left corner on your Mac’s screen and select the option that says System Preferences. It will take you to the system settings of your Mac machine.


  • Once you open the system preferences then click on the option that says Keyboard. That is where the keyboard or typing related settings are located for your Mac.


  • Now open the keyboard settings panel and click on the second tab ‘Text’, it contains all the text-related settings that you can adjust according to your needs on your Mac.
  • Here is where the autocorrect option is located. It is not actually labeled as Autocorrect but it is labeled as “Correct spelling automatically.” It should be selected by default. To disable autocorrect on your Mac, simply uncheck this option.


  • The changes should take effect without requiring you to restart your Mac. Just open any editor where you can type text and type anything and you will notice that autocorrect no longer comes in your way to help you fix your spellings.

This is how you can turn off the autocorrect feature on your Mac. Should you ever wish to get the feature back, simply head to the settings described above and select the option that you unchecked above, and the feature will be turned ON as before.

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