How to disable iCloud remainders on OS X and iOS


Many iPhone users use remainders daily and particularly enjoy the location-based remainders that remained you. It is possible to sync the remainder app with iCloud so that you can get the alerted the remainders from all the devices that run on OS X and iOS. This article provides the information about how to disable icloud remainders on OS X and iOS.

How to turn off iCloud remainders on OS X :

  • On your mac device initially you have to open the system preferences and select the iCloud.
  • Under the list you have to uncheck the box of remainders.
  • Once you uncheck and save the changes, then the iCloud remainders on OS X will be disabled.


How to turn off iCloud remainders on iOS :

  • On your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad open the settings application.
  • Under settings application, scroll down the list and click on iCloud.
  • There tap on the toggle switch to turn off the remainders.

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