How to enable peek Zoom on iPhone 6S with 3D Touch


iOS 9 provides a way for iPhone 6s owners to use its built-in zooming capability in conjunction with 3D Touch, based on the amount of force exerted on an on-screen controller. They’re calling it Peek Zoom and once activated lets you invoke iOS’s standard Zoom feature through 3D Touch rather than requiring you to double-tap with three fingers.

Here in this article let us discuss about how to enable 3D Touch peek Zoom

  • Initially open the settings of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.
  • Under tap on settings navigate general and tap on it.
  • Once the general is clicked you will find a list of options and there select the zoom section.
  • In the Zoom section toggle zoom switch to ON position.
  • Now turn on the Show Controller option on the same screen. As shown below, the Zoom Controller is an always-on overlay that provides quick access to iOS’s zoom controls regardless which app you happen to be using.
  • That’s it

Now press firmly on the Zoom Controller to zoom in on content in accordance with how much pressure is used.

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