How to enable WiFi Assist on iOS 9


The WiFi Assist is one of the smallest features that includes in iOS 9, but WiFi Assist has the ability to be one of the most useful, yet almost invisible features to ever find its way into an iOS update. If you’re not aware of WiFi Assist feature, then this WiFi Assist on iOS 9 is intended to correct one of iOS’s long standing ills, which has seen iPhones cling to WiFi connections far too long instead of failing over to cellular as you might expect.

With WiFi Assist, iOS 9 now drops its connection to weak WiFi connections much, much sooner. That means a more graceful switch from WiFi to cellular which will be done automatically. whenever WiFi becocmes weak signals or have poor connection speeds to the point where it becomes unusable. It works like magic. No more manual switching over from WiFi to cellularIn this article let us discuss about how to enable WiFi Assist on iOS 9. Follow the steps given below

Steps to enable WiFi Assist on iOS 9

  • Initially open the settings application.
  • Tap on cellular and in some region it is named as mobile data.
  • scroll down to bottom and flick the switch for WiFi to cellular.

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