How to export contacts from Mac OS X device


In general contacts have useful information and it can be export and import to other devices or share with others and a comprehensive address book may have most important data a user gathers over time. The Mac makes exporting contact information from OS X Contacts app very easy, so whether you want to share and export the entire address book or just a single contact card, that can be done quickly.

Exporting contact information from the Mac Contacts app can also function as a way to back up saved contact information into a single vCard file or .abbu file, which can then be later imported into a different address book application or any other Macs Contacts app, or just stored elsewhere as a backup. In this article let us discuss how to export all contacts from Mac OS X contacts application. Simply follow the steps given below :

How to Export all contacts from Mac OS X contacts App :

  • Open the contacts application in OS X fond with in application folder or launch pad or Spotlight.
  • Click on All contacts from the left side menu then hit the command + A simultaneously to select all the contacts.
  • From the file menu of contacts, go down to export menu and choose one of the following options namely Export Vcard, Contacts archive.


  • Export Vcard will generate Vcard file with all contact information stored with in the application, a Vcard file is a standard and most compatible with many platforms like Mac OS X apps, iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry.
  • Contacts archive will generate an .abbu file with all contact information stored within, abbu is a proprietary format for Contacts app and the Address Book app from older versions of OS X, making this format appropriate for Mac users
  • Save the file and place it some where for easy accessible. That’s it.

How to export single contact from Mac OS X :

  • Open the contacts and select the indivisible that you want to export.
  • Once the contact is selected, with that go to the file menu and go to the export menu selecting export Vcard or contact archive options.
  • Save the single contact as any other file.
  • The single exported contact will have the same icon as an entire address book of contacts, but the file size will be smaller.

Whether you have exported all the contacts or single contact, now that the file is saved and you can mail it other people directly to the necessary people.

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