How to extract Icons from Apps on your Mac


There are two different methods to extract Icons from Apps on your mac device, The methods are mentioned below

  • Extract an app Icon using content manager.
  • Extracting an App Icon using Preview

Extract an app Icon using Content Manager :

To use this method you need to open Finder and do some clicking to get the job done, follow the instructions given below :

First you have to open the folder where the app you want to extract the icon located, Suppose you want to grab the icon of a system app that has come pre-loaded on your Mac, you can just head to the Applications folder where all of those applications are located.

Right click on the icon of the application and select “Show package Contents”, It will let you see the actual files that reside in the application format. There you should see the new folder contents and double-click on it to open the application. Now open the resources folder on your screen which includes the icon are located.

You are now in the folder where the icons you were looking for are located. Just look around for the app icon you want to extract; it will be in “.icns” format. Once you have found it, you can copy it and use it wherever you want.


If default icon format doesn’t work for you, you can convert them to a more popular image format using the preview app on Mac device.

Extracting an Application Icon using Preview :

If you would prefer using preview to extract the icon, follow the steps given below

  • Open the folder where you app is located.
  • Right Click on application and select “Get info”, it will open properties of that application the icon file.
  • When the properties open the click on the little application icon given in the top left corner, then click on then Edit menu in the menu bar and select copy and it will copy the selected icon to your clipboard.
  • Now icon is now ready to be pasted. To do that, click on Launchpad in your dock, search for and click on Preview, and it will launch for you.
  • When preview launches, click on File followed by new From clipboard. It will create a new film from your clipboard.
  • you should be able to see the application icon in multiple sizes that you use. To save the icon, click on file followed by save.
  • In the save dialogue box, choose the format you wish to save the icon in and check mark the alpha box to preserve the transparency. When that is done click the save button to save the icon in your chosen format.
  • The extracted application is available for you to use.

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