How to hide Apple Music in iTunes on Mac device


Everyone knows that Apple has launched its own music service called Apple music that comes embedded with its latest iOS version and the iTunes application. While many users will just dive into this new service by Apple, others will take some time to see if this is what they would like to use for their music needs. If you are one of those users who are not yet ready to adopt Apple Music, you have a way to disable it in the iTunes app on your Mac.

Disabling the feature will let you use the iTunes app as you were using it before, as if Apple Music doesn’t exist at all. Here’s how you can disable the feature in the iTunes app on your Mac:

  • Initially open the dock, search for iTunes and it will launch for you.
  • When the app launches, click on iTunes followed by Preference. It will take you to the Preferences panel where all the iTunes settings are located and included the Apple Music toggle.
  • When the panel opens, make sure you are in the General tab. If you are not, click on General on the top.
  • You should see that the check box for Show Apple Music is enabled. Click on it and it will be unchecked.

How to Hide Apple Music in iTunes

  • As soon as you uncheck the option in the above step, you will see a prompt that looks like the following image.
  • It says is that it will stop using your iCloud Music Library if you disable the Apple Music feature. Click on Hide Apple Music, and the feature will be hidden on your Mac.


  • The check box for Show Apple Music should now be unchecked as shown below. Click on OK to save the settings and close the panel.
  • If you’re not expecting the service in the application without you first confirming it and you have a way to hide it on your machine.
  • Now, as long as you do not open the preferences panel and check mark the option for the service, the service will remain disabled

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