How to install OS X EI Capitan on separate partition


If you’re interested to run the system in OS X EI Capitan and doesn’t want to upgrade the system with beta release then it is possible to run El Capitan on your primary machine without compromising your Yosemite or Mavericks installation. Simply by creating a small test partition on your primary drive, you can install OS X EI Caption without overlapping with previous current running OS. This article provides the information about how to install OS X EI Capitan on separate partition. Simply follow the steps given below :

  • Initially download the OS X EI Capitan beta.
  • Launch disk utility.
  • Select your hard drive and click on partition tab.
  • Click on the plus sign to create new partition.
  • Resize the partition using the drag handles to the desired size. I used 35GB, and was fine, as OS X El Capitan only takes around 12-13 GB for installation.
  • Name your new partition EI Capitan.
  • Ensure the Format is Mac OS Extended.
  • Click Apply and click Partition to create your partition.
  • Now close utility.
  • Open the OS X EI Capitan installer and click on continue -> agree ->agree -> show all disks and select your EI Caption disk and click Install.
  • If requested input your password.

Now your system will restart, after restarting it reboots, the installation will proceed on your El Capitan partition. The installation does take some time, like a normal installation, so just be patient. Once the installation completes, go through the normal OS X setup process to complete the initial setup.

Once the installation and setup is completed, you’ll be able to boot between your primary installation and OS X El Capitan.


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