How to install web browser on Apple TV


Sideloading the tvOSBrowser isn’t much easier, you need to be familiar with standard sideloading tutorial for sideloading apps, but there’s one additional step that you’ll have to take before it all comes together. In this article, we will discuss the process about how to install web browser on Apple TV. If you’re not aware then simply go through the steps that are given below

  • Use sideload tutorial and install tvOS browser on your Apple TV, in the process if the build fail and you will encounter an error that states: ‘UIWebView’ is unavailable: not available on tvOS.
  • Open the applications folder.
  • Right click on and select Show Package Contents.
  • Open Developer -> Platforms -> AppleTVOS.platform ->Developer ->SDKs-> AppleTVOS.sdk -> usr -> include.
  • Double click Availability.h to open in Xcode.
  • Now find the following lines that are given below


  • Save the changes to availability.h and try to rebuild the tvOSBrowser using the Play button in Xcode, and it should build successfully.
  • Find the tvOSBrowser app icon on your Apple TV and start browsing the web on your TV.
  • That’s it.

By using the browser users can Tap on the center of the touch area of the Apple TV Remote to switch between cursor & scroll mode. Click on the touch area to click.Menu will navigate back. The Play/Pause button will let you input URLs.

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