How to listen to Beats 1 shows you have missed


Now Apple Music offers replays of several Beats 1 shows through a feature called Beats 1 Replays. These full replays aren’t particularly easy to find, but here’s how you can locate them and catch up with shows you’ve missed in their entirety.

Till now Beats 1 listeners could either listen to a show live or during its 12-hours-later rerun. Apple also let users access a playlist of all songs played during a show where as this couldn’t include banter from beats 1 DJ or their guests.

TO listen the full shows of DJ then simply follow the steps given below :

  • Initially you have to hit the radio tab in the Apple Music application.
  • Once you click on the radio, tab on the Beats 1 logo instead of listening now.
  • Scroll down to featured shows and tap on the name of the DJ you want to listen.
  • Tap on the connect option and select the show you want.

The feature also doesn’t display information about the song currently playing as it does with Beats 1 live shows, which means you can’t choose to “love” songs for later listening. Instead, this has to be done using a separate app like Shazam.  As with Apple Music as a whole, Beats 1 Replays doesn’t feel completely finished, but at least it’s a good way of letting listeners hear DJs they like without having to tune in at the right time. In coming days this feature will became more crucial feature if Apple ends

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