How to manage emails with Apple Watch


Everyone has a different system for sorting emails, whether it’s Inbox Zero, and trying to delete everything which are not important, or flagging and marking emails you need to respond to as unread. Your Apple Watch can’t reply to incoming emails from the Mail app, but it can make sure that they’re easier to deal with when you return to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. This article provides the information about how to manage emails with Apple Watch in different approaches.

How to manage emails with Apple Watch from Notification center :

  • Launch Notification Center by swiping down from the clock face.
  • Tap on the notification question.
  • There you can Flag, Mark as unread or achieve/delete the mail

How to manage emails with Apple Watch from Mail Application :

  • Launch mail application from your home screen or press the digital crown of the Apple Watch to activate siri and say open mail.
  • Once mail is opened, tap on the mail to triage.
  • Firmly press on the display.
  • There you can mark the mail as flagged or unread or achieve/ delete.

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