How to manage mobile data on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8


This article provides you the information about how to manage mobile data on iPhone and iPad with iOS 8. The iOS devices like iPhone and iPad shows your locally tracked consumption of cellular data via settings followed  by cellular and then cellular data. This raise two problems as mentioned below

  • It’s not guaranteed to be accurate and Your carrier’s records are definitive. In practice, it’s pretty close.
  • It’s not aligned with your billing period and rather its a total of all data consumed since the last time when you have tap the reset settings at the bottom of the cellular or cellular data view.

Of-course you can get the usage information though the customer’s network website with in 24 hours or even in less time. If you’d like to be more useful, then set yourself a remainder for the first of each month. Go to settings >> Cellular and tap reset statistics.

How to check usage in settings :

users can find out how much data can be used just via personal Hotspot in the cellular and cellular data view, tap the system services at the bottom and all the iOS users includes personal Hotspot are display.



How to check cellular usage on iPad device :


WiFi plus Cellular iPad doesn’t track cellular usage because this service is typically only sold in time and bandwidth units. Settings >> Cellular data >> View Account >> screens show details from the carrier including billing period, how much data is included and the data consumed so far in that period.

Enable Cellular data only when necessary :

Enable cellular connection or cellular data link on an iPhone or cellular iPad, notably when you’re close to the maximum of your monthly service plan or traveling outside an area included in your data plan. You can change how the cellular radio interacts with a network in two ways:


To turnoff data, In settings >> cellular data iPad or settings > Cellular (iPhone), set the mobile data off. This disables the data link only. On an iPad that’s the entire link to a mobile broadband network and in iPhone, you can still place and receive voice calls and send and receive SMS/MMS text messages.

To turn off the entire cellular connection, set Airplane Mode to On in the upper left of the main Settings screen, or tap the Airplane Mode button in the Control Center. Airplane Mode turns off all radios, not just cellular. It also dramatically extends your battery life in most cases.

Limit your activities on the cell network :


Limit the activities when you connect to your mobile data, simply it mean don’t use much until necessary. Only use data for checking the email and viewing webpages. There are many options to make the activities limited like Use the options in Cellular Data (iPad) or Cellular (iPhone) to prevent excessive use of certain services from consuming a lot of your data allocation. You can turn on and off specific apps, and see their data consumption and in Safari settings, you can disable syncing the reading list, which is relatively low-bandwidth depending on how you use it Still there are many other things to do so.

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