How to preview link safari in Mac without opening new tab


There are many features in Safari web browser on Mac and to view preview link without leaving the current page where this feature stop wasting your time opening new pages and new tabs just to see what lurks behind a link. In this article let us see how to quickly preview pages without leaving the current page.

Initially make sure the look up option is enabled in system preferences -> Trackpad -> point and click. To preview a link in safari on your current page simply do the things given below

  • Hover over the link that you wish to preview.
  • Tap on the trackpad with three fingers

Then immediately you will notice a new pop-up preview window that loads the URL of the link you tapped in an interface that temporarily hovers above the current web page. You can then use your trackpad to scroll on the previewed page, just like you would in a normal Safari window.

If you want to load the full-page in its own full-sized tab, simply click on the preview overlay. You also have the option of adding the page directly to your Reading List by using the Add to Reading List button in the upper right-hand corner of the preview window.

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