How to set up Time Machine on OS X


Time Machine is a Mac utility that allows you to automate hourly, daily and weekly backups on an external drive that’s connected directly to your Mac through a local network. Setting up Time Machine on the Mac OS X is quite easy and all you need to launch the Time Machine preferences, turn on Time Machine select a backup disk and you’re pretty much set. Follow the steps given below to set up the Time Machine on Mac OS X if you’re not aware of how to do.

Steps to set up Time Machine on OS X :

  • Initially connect the external hard drive disk to the Mac device, you can also use the time capsule or any other form of network storage like Airport extreme with an external HDD connected through USB.
  • On your Mac device open system preferences.
  • Under system preference click on Time Machine to enable it.
  • Click select back up disk and select your external disk and click on use disk.
  • The first back up will begun.
  • Once the back up begins, you will see back up statics in the Time Machine preferences.
  • If you have shown Time Machine in the menu bar option is enabled and you can also check the progress the back up by clicking the Time Machine menu bar icon.
  • If back up data is huge then it will take some time to complete the process.

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