How to setup Gmail, Google Calendar and Contacts with iOS


If you wants to add your Google account to your iPhone and iPad’s system applications then you can integrate it in the settings.¬†Apple is using the open standard IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV services to handle syncing Google services. Suppose you’re not aware of how to set up Gmail, Google Calender and Google Contacts with iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch then simply follow the steps given below :

  • Open the settings application from your home screen.
  • Under settings tap on Mails, Calendar and Contacts.
  • Tap on Add account and click on Gmail.


  • Google’s authenticator screen will pop open, where you can enter your email address and password.
  • Tap Allow when prompted with the iOS would like to screen.


  • Now choose the services that you’d like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and notes.
  • Once you’re done with selecting the Services that you want to sync with iOS then finally tap on save button.


After you save your account, you can access your settings at any time by tapping the Gmail entry under the Accounts header. If you’d like to change the description from “Gmail” to something more apt, tap the Account button, then tap the Description field to change it.

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