How to Sync podcasts with Apple Watch


When you sync music from your iPhone library to your Apple Watch and currently no way to sync podcasts where you can expect this in future update. In between podcast listeners must still be tethered to their iPhone to enjoy podcasts on the go with the help of Overcast which is apparently is the only podcast application with support for Apple Watch at this time. In this article let us discuss about how to listen podcast on Apple Watch.

How to listen podcast on Apple Watch :

  • In iTunes on your personal computer download all the podcast files that you want to sync with your Apple Watch.
  • Once downloaded, click to select the episodes you want to sync, right-click on them, and select Get Info.


  • In the Get info window, go to options tab.
  • In the media kind drop down menu, select music and click OK and this trick here allows you to tell iTunes that these podcast episodes aren’t podcasts; they are music files. iTunes will then treat them as such, and bring them to your Music library.
  • Now the podcasts should now show on your Music library, plug your iPhone to your computer through USB cable and sync your music library and you no need to sync all the music library if you don’t want to and also you can select sync files manually. Once synced, the podcast should now be in your music application on your iPhone.


  • Now on your iPhone open the music application, go to the playlists tab and create a new playlist. After creating new playlist, the music app lets you browse your library to add track to it.
  • To sync the playlist with Apple Watch, Go to Apple Watch application on your iPhone >> Music >>Synced Playlist >> Podcasts. Apple Watch has to be charging in order to sync music from your iPhone to your Watch. It will take time to sync depending up on file size.


  • That’s it, once you’re done you can enjoy podcasts directly from your watch and if you have paired your Watch with Bluetooth headset, you can now listen to these podcasts on your device with out iPhone.

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