How to unblock caller on iPhone, iPad


Blocking an unwanted calls or Messaging on iPhone or iPad is a useful feature. However, once done blocking, many times, you want to unblock the caller for various reasons. At some point, the users can not figure out on how to unblock a caller on iPhone to allow calls and messages. Unblocking a contact on iOS is straight forward and easy, If you’re not aware of how to unblock caller on iPhone then simply follow the below following steps. The guide that I have shared below, works for almost all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 11 and iOS 12.

How to UnBlock Contact to Allow Calling, Messages, and FaceTime

  • Initially you have to launch the settings app on your iOS device iPhone or iPad.
  • Scroll down and tap on Blocked to see the current list of contacts blocked from reaching you.
  • Now click on the Edit button in the corner, then tap on the red coloured minus button alongside a contact name.
  • Confirm you wish to allow that person to reach you again by tapping on the big red Unblock button alongside the contact name.
  • Simply repeat for other contacts you wish to unblock as desired, then tap on Done to finish.
  • Exit out of Settings as usual, the contact or person can now reach your iPhone again through FaceTime, phone calls, and iMessages.

In all the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch you can find the same block list in the Messages settings and FaceTime settings, and unblocking a contact from those is identical.

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