How to update iTunes on Mac


In Mac devices includes iTunes which provides you the access to entire music library along with videos, Television Shows and movies you have purchased from the iTunes Store. iTunes makes you to download applications for you iOS devices iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, download audio books, course material for iTunes U and more. Periodically Apple updates iTunes on the Mac. Here in this article let us discuss how to update iTunes on Mac device. Simply follow the steps given below :

How to update iTunes on Mac :

  • Initially open iTunes.
  • Click on the iTunes menu.
  • Now check the updates and if you notice any updates click on it.
  • iTunes will connect to Apple’s servers and check for updates.

How to updates iTunes on Mac

Sometimes Apple will release the updates through the Mac App Store, so if an update¬†doesn’t show up in iTunes, try the Mac App Store.

How to use Mac app store to check for iTunes updates :

  • Check it out whether you have quit iTunes.
  • Open the Mac app store.
  • Click on the updates tab.
  • The Mac App Store will check Apple’s servers for updates. If it finds an update to iTunes it will show an update button.
  • Now simply click on that button to download the update.

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