How to Use Slide Over Multitasking on iPad


iOS for iPad has gradually improved multitasking with Spit View dual-pane apps and its counterpart, Slide Over. The Slide Over feature lets you quickly reference, use, and access secondary apps on the iPad without having to enter into full-fledged split screen app mode, and without having to switch apps. This feature is great for quickly replying to an email, message, checking Twitter, making a note, or doing quick tasks in another app where you don’t want to lose, the primary app focuses on an iPad.

Slide Over is really useful, particularly once you get the swing of things, here’s how you can use it now on the iPad to improve your on-device multitasking. In this article let us discuss how to slide over on iPad by following the steps given below.

How to use slide over Multitasking on iPad:

  • Launch any app on iPad as usual, let’s say its Safari browser.
  • Swipe over to left from the right-side edge of the iPad screen to bring up the Slide over a panel.
  • Navigate and tap on an app to open that app in Slide Overview (if you already have an app in Slide Over, it will open directly to it with the Slide over gesture)

As you may know from using Split View, if you continue to pull over to the left side of the screen from Slide Overview, the app will enter into Split View instead.

If you have a Picture in Picture video window open on the iPad, that video will continue to work while accessing Slide Over and Split View.

Switching Slide over Apps on iPad

To switch apps within Slide Overview, you can pull down from the top of the Slide over the panel to bring up the Slide Over specific app switcher, choosing another app will open that in the Slide Over panel.

How to Exit Slide Over on iPad

To exit out of Slide Overview, simply swipe the Slide Over panel back to the right of the screen to dismiss it.

Much like Picture in Picture mode and Split View, Slide Over supports only the latest iPad devices, including iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini 2 and later releases. Earlier versions and iPhone models aren’t supported with the great multitasking feature, even if they’re running the latest versions of iOS though on supported hardware anything with post 9.0 release will have the feature.

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