How to use Split view in OS X EI Capitan


Initially we will discuss what is split view ? It means viewing two applications side by side. This article explains you about how to use Split view in OS X EI Capitan.

Apple added spaces to OS X a few years ago, which makes you to spread out your open windows across multiple virtual desktops. The Spaces help to keep your open windows from piling up on top of one another, but the feature is less useful when you are ping between two apps. Enter Split view with OS X EI Capitan that lets you go full screen with a pair of apps side by side. There are two ways to enable Split view:

The first way is to click and hold on the green full screen button in the upper left corner of a window. The left half of your screen will become shaded in blue. You can release your track pad or mouse to open the current window on the left half of your scene or you can drag the window right half of the screen, which will then become shaded in blue to open the app on the right half of the screen. The other open, non-minimized apps that are compatible with Split View will show up on the other half of the screen as thumbnails; click on one of the thumbnails to open another app on the other half of Split View.

The second way to enable split view is through Mission Control. If you have an app already running in full screen and you can then drag another Split view compatible application to its desktop thumbnail at the top of the mission control screen to open both applications in spilt view. In addition you can be able to move the divider between the two applications to adjust the space given to each and you don’t need to stick with default 50-50 split.

To come out of split view simply click the green full screen menu on one of the applications and the other app will remain hidden in full screen mode.

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