How You Should Dry CBD Hemp Flowers (Trocknen von CBD Blüten)


Cannabidiol which is often called CBD is a popular substance that can be used in several ways but it is mostly used as recreation or as medication due to its many health benefits.

It is derived from the two available cannabis plants; marijuana and hemp. These plants also contain other types of cannabinoids asides from CBD such as THC, CBC, CBG and so on. Asides from cannabinoids, they also contain substances such as terpenes, essential oils, flavonoids and omega-fatty acids.

CBD Hemp Flower

Often, consumable CBD is derived more from hemp rather than marijuana. The reason for this is because marijuana contains a high dosage of THC. Although both plants can carry the substance, hemp is often cultivated to contain low traces of the substance. It may even be cultivated to contain none at all.

The thing about THC is that it has strong psychoactive tendencies that make the cannabis user get intoxicated. This is why the best CBD products are those low in THC and why hemp is the preferred cannabis most of the time.

Cannabidiol is present in virtually all the parts of the hemp plant including its seeds, leaves, stem and stalk. Its flower is the most potent as it contains higher levels of the substance than any other part. For this reason, most CBD is extracted from there for use in most products. Also, for people who want to inhale CBD by rolling a joint or any other means, the flower is what you grind, light and inhale. You can read more about CBD here.

Hemp Flower

Usually, when you hear hemp flower or hemp bud, it refers to the flower from the female cannabis plant. The male plant only produces pollen that help the female reproduce and they are in no way useful to humans directly.

The flower of the female plant when it matures produces a resin that is filled with cannabidiol and other substances. It also has its unique aroma and flavor. Before you can enjoy its flavor and aroma, the hemp flowers need to be dried. When it is dried, it can be rolled into a joint, used in vapes, cigarettes, etc. and then it can be smoked. Some may even go ahead and add it to their food or other edibles and it can also be used as an ingredient for cosmetic products. You can check this link to know more about how to buy some of the best hemp buds.

Drying Hemp Flowers

drying hemp flowers

When your hemp plant has grown and matured, it needs to be harvested whether you have grown it on the field or inside. It also needs to be properly cured before it can be consumed. One of the processes to do this is by drying it.

The reason the buds must be dried is to maximize their effects when it is used. Drying causes reactions that activate and enhances the compounds, flavors and aroma that are present in the flower. It also preserves the tasty trichome coating on them. In other words, it is the curing and drying that helps the user enjoy taking the product.

There are several ways as well as skills needed to dry your hemp buds and this must be done at a slow pace using moderate temperatures. Slow drying helps to get the best flavors as well as the highest CBD levels that are possible from the hemp flower. Fast drying at high temperatures will result in a poor quality product that is harsher to smoke and will have an inferior flavor.

Curing the plant starts with how you harvest it. There are two options available when cutting or trimming up the harvest. You can snip the flower when it is still wet or cut when they are dry. You need to be careful when using the latter method of harvesting as this can endanger the fragile coating of trichomes on the hemp buds.

Drying begins with when you harvest the plant as well as the way you do so. Growers may snip just the flowers in a manner that is small-sized and ready for sale when dried. Others cut off branches that can be up to 12 inches long which contains the buds as well as leaves. Once cut, they need to be transported to a drying facility.

Conditioning The Facility


The transportation to the facility for drying must be quick to avoid any loss of cannabinoids or terpenes. This means that the facility needs to be prepared and everything must be ready before harvesting is done to aid quick-moving and avoid any hassles. The desired temperature range for the facility should be between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity should be around 45 to 55%.

The Drying Process

If you have chosen the snipping method for harvesting hemp, when it has reached the facility, the buds need to be laid out on a drying rack for it to dry. For those cut with the branches and leaves, the mature buds undergo a process of removing any excess leaves. They are then hung on drying racks or wires in a dark area but with good ventilation.

Depending on the level of humidity and other conditions, the buds should be dry in about 6 – 14 days. Ensure to check the largest buds. They should not show any signs of wetness when squeezed.

Keep in mind that the fastest or easiest method may not be the best way to dry the buds. There is a need for patience as the flowers can take a while to dry. When tested for proper cure, the branch chosen must pass a “snap test”. That is, the branch must not bend or snap when it is tested.

You can read further on how to dry your hemp flower from this article.


Harvesting and drying hemp is one critical stage when it comes to the production of CBD. Drying helps to cause a reaction that brings out the flavor and aroma of the buds. It also helps to remove molds as well as mildew that can lower the quality of buds. This also means that harvesting must be done in a timely manner.

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