Important Things To Consider When Buying A Projector


If you have big spaces in your interior, you can buy some huge sized televisions, but if you are truly a fan of watching videos on a really big screen, you can buy a projector. Today, technology has advanced itself over the past few years, one of the best inventions and advancement in the technology are the projectors that are made affordable than ever.

But if you are thinking to buy your very own projector for the first time there are a lot of things to consider choosing the right projector. Projectors can make any home theatre or work presentation exciting, effective and a professional affair altogether. There are several factors that affect your purchasing from technical specifications to the usability.

Decide why do you need a projector for

The home theatre projectors are used for watching Sports, movies.etc. If you Love watching television and want to watch it on an LCD or DLP projector, it might be an expensive deal for you as the bulb of lamp-based video projectors needs to be changed after every 4000 hours of watching.

The projectors are best to watch movies on an outdoor trip during the summer with the family and friends. There are a number of projectors under your budget that you can opt for if you cannot buy the expensive one. Even in the list of the best budget projector, there are a number of them that can be bought and used for a longer time without any problems.

For Entertainment or Business Purpose

The first and foremost thing to consider before buying a projector is to think about why you are buying the projector. Is it for the entertainment purpose or you wanted for business? The business Projectors are the ones that are used for projecting still images most preferably.

If you want to do the PowerPoint presentation and Pie Charts, then you can look for the projectors from the business category. The category for home projectors consists of the model that can handle full motion video as well as image projection. If you are interested in watching movies or games or sports, make sure you buy the projectors that can handle them properly.

Indoor or Outdoor

The maximum usage time, if you wish to use your projectors for an outdoor experience, you have to look for the projectors that come with all-around quality. You need to look for the highest brightness, high resolution, and better contrast ratio in order to enhance your chances to have an experience of watching the Great picture and at the same time you’ll also need a good cream or surface along with an excellent sound system. One of the concerns is that the noise the projector produces when it is operated indoors because it’s noticeable in a small room but other than that a good outdoor projector can also be used indoors.


Before buying any projector, you should read out the reviews of the projector models carefully so that you get the reliable product. While going through the projectors, you will also come across the lamp life rating, looking for the lamp life of the projectors that Run for maximum hours is considered to be the best as it will go for long hours. You should also check for the replacement bulb and their prices to get an idea of how you are going to maintain it after purchasing.

The Price of Projector

You can buy a sound quality projector for your portable business and or outdoor experiences at a low budget but if you want to buy a projector that comes with a decent range of projector features and picture quality you need to invest a little bit more. You need to keep in mind that the more you spend on buying a projector, the more benefits and advantageous projector features you get on the projector.


A projector that you buy is important to be portable one for not just allowing you to travel with it but at the same time also simplifying the entire setup and installation process. The portable projector also is easy to be tried on different screen sizes, distances, and variety of rooms in order to see which one works best. If you buy a portable projector, it would be easy for you to have a seat on the outside wall of the garage door and enjoy your very own drive-in movie times.

Light Output and Brightness

Without adequate light output, the projector will not be capable of displaying brighter images of good quality resolution. If the light output is too dull, the images displayed on the screen will look muddy even in the darkest room. In order to check whether the projector is outsourcing in flight or not to get the best-lighted images, look at the ratings of ANSI lumens.

This can tell you the amount of light that the projector can out stores. Projector with 1000 ANSI lumens rating will output to use it as a home theatre system. The things that also affect the need for more lumens include the room size, the size of the screen, and the light present in the room, etc.

Contrasting Ratio

This feature compliments the brightness. It is the ratio between the white and black portions present in the image. High quality and better contrast ratios avail brighter whites and black shades. A projector that you buy might have excellent lumens rating but if the projector is low in contrast ratio; your image quality will not appear perfect.

The contrast ratio of about 1,500:1 in a dark room is considered moderate, but if the contrast ratio is 2000:1 or more than that, it is considered the best.

Pixel Density

While buying a projector important enquire about its pixel density. The LCD and DLP projectors consist of the fixed number of pixels. Most of your video content HD quality, it is best if you get a project with proper pixel count. A projector is considered excellently working if it has Apex account of 1024x 768 for DVD.

Color Reproduction

It is another major factor to consider while buying projectors. You need to check for the natural flesh tones and the depth of the colour. You should also check how the colours look in the brightest areas and also in the darkest areas of the image. Examine the degree of colour stability from in source to in source and get yourself familiar with the picture types with the settings that the video projectors avail. Everyone has a different vision towards colours and their pleasing nature for which you have to look carefully and select the one that suits all.

You Cannot Forget The Screen

Projector screens come in sizes, different types of fabrics and price ranges. The best type of screen depends on the projector along with its viewing angle, the amount of light in the room, and the projector’s distance from the screen. There are a number of gaming projectors that you can opt for if you are a game lover and want to try some exciting games on the projector on the big screen with your friends or siblings.

Seven Important Technical Specifications

1. Resolution

Buying projectors for the presentation works can save you money if you buy a projector with a low resolution such as SVGA 800×600. It completely depends on the input material, so if you are interested in watching HD movies and playing games on projectors, you can have a resolution of about 1920×1080 pixel count.

If you want a projector for both the work simultaneously, you cannot assume that a higher resolution projector can handle the lower resolution content properly, you’ll have to do a brief research before buying a projector. You can look for the 4K projectors, but they can cost you a fortune.

2. Zoom Range & Lens Shift

While buying a projector for business or home purpose, you should not forget about the capabilities of zoom range and the lens shift. Considering these projector features before and then buying projector accordingly will enable you to change the throw distance and you will be able to alter the size and position of how you are projecting. The short throw projectors are the one that you can use in small spaces and rooms where as the long throw projector lenses work for the theatres and very large spaces.

3. Aspect Ratio

It is nothing but the shape of a video image that you are displaying on a projector and it is all about the material source. Usual TV has an aspect ratio of 4:3 whereas, the white screen DVD, HDTV, and BluRay content have an aspect ratio closer to 16:9 are somewhat close to it. Most of the newest projects a model have an aspect ratio of 16:9.

4. The Brightness of The Projector

The projector’s brightness capacity depends on the environment where it is going to be used. The more done and darker the environment is, the lower the brightness you will get but in general, the more the brightness of your project, the better. The brightness of the projector is measured by lumens.

The business projectors might require the lumen rating at least 1000 or less that can be used in small and darkened environment. If you want a projector for watching movies in an environment that has a little bit of natural light, you might want the lumen waiting to be 5000 or more.

5. Projector Connectivity

The projectors usually have the VGA ports, and he can find a wide range of other options as well, but if you want a projector for watching games and movies, then you will need to have HDMI port. A useful tip for the people in the business sector is that a USB port can handle the flash drive as it is a very convenient way to carry out a presentation.

Wi-Fi support is one of the most useful things for streaming all types of modern devices and also stops you from plugging in directly. For the fixed projectors, the Ethernet port is considered to be a good alternative as it allows you to access the projector online and makes it more reliable than the Wi-Fi connection.

6. The Screen Of The Projector

You need to understand that the quality of the projected image also depends on the type of screen or surface that you are connecting to your projector in order to display the contents. If you will be making use of the projector in different places, then it might get inconvenient for you to deal with it.

For this reason, it is best if you buy a roll-out screen with the tripod that is portable and you can take it anywhere you want and set up easily. If you are planning for the fixed setup, you can opt for the special project screen paint that can be painted on the wall that you will be projecting on or buy a special screen.

7. The Sound Quality

It will be difficult for you to find a projector that has inbuilt speakers. The sound is not a major factor to consider while buying projectors for business presentations, but when you are looking for home entertainment purposes, you will need to consider some better options for speaker setup or a surrounding sound system and a projector separately.

Bottom line

These are some of the things that you need to consider before buying a business projector or for the home entertainment purpose. Make sure you go through the points in and only then up for shopping. Projectors are among those electronic devices that need attention and knowledge to buy because these are the one-time investment devices that can go long if purchased wisely.

Go through the above. Make sure that you purchase only the best for your work. Summertime calls for the holiday time with friends and family. Spending time hours watching TV or sports is the favorite pastime of every family. You can make it more interesting and memorable for each one of the family members by adding some fun elements to the holidays.

One of the most exciting and fun things to add is the projector. It will gather each one of the family members together, and you can all spend quality time together watching a fun movie or sport and make the best out of the holidays.

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